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Churat y Sauri

This property is situated in the district of Patraix, an area with an interesting historical background. Although it is an area close to the city center, Patraix has retained its village essence, a fact that can be seen walking through its streets, admiring its houses and enjoying its peaceful atmosphere. The most fascinating attraction of Patraix is its old town, where you can find buildings of great history and beauty, such as the Plaza de Patraix.



This property is in a prime location being near...

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1 min away from - 3 - 5 - 9

       Bus Stops

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1 min away from - 70 - 93

10 min away from - C3 - 67


Torres de Serranos

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Bioparc Valencia


Spacious Living area

An open-plan area fitted with 

modern appliances furniture for a stylish aesthetic 

Relaxing outdoor Terrace

Refreshing outdoor area to enjoy the sun

and fresh air


Comfortable sleeping area

Spacious sleeping area to relax in, with a large

double bed

This modern property boasts a sleek and contemporary design, featuring spacious open-plan living areas and a neutral colour palette that creates a calm and sophisticated atmosphere

Whether you’re seeking a comfortable family home or a sophisticated city retreat, this property is the perfect place to call home.

The property is fitted with a new and  modern bathroom and stylish bedroom

Floor Plan 1 -


3 Holiday apartments

This plan shows the layout of the 3 apartments within the property


Churat y Sauri

The property - interior & exterior

Prior development stage



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