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A platform dedicated to property development & investment in Valencia, Spain. We select the most suitable properties for renovation and development in the city, aiming to provide investors an optimal return on investment



Reaching New Heights

ZL proper take is a subsidiary of Zero Level Valencia. We have decades of experience in construction and property redevelopment whilst managing a range of large scale renovation projects across the city.

With ZL Propertake the focus is on the development and investment in the property and capitalising on the returns this can yield.

Why choose us?

With years of experience in the property development industry, our company has a deep understanding of market dynamics and trends. We have successfully completed numerous projects, gaining valuable expertise along the way.

 We have a keen eye for identifying prime locations for development. Our in-depth market research and analysis enable us to select sites that offer strong growth potential, maximizing your investment returns.

Why choose us?

The Spanish holiday property market here in Valencia is ever-growing and expanding and as a team we understand the best ways to capitalise on this to optimise potential capital returns.

Investments carry risk always of course but with us we can be relied upon to conduct through research and due diligence into every project we undertake to minimise risk and maximise the chances of a successful outcome

Avenida Burjassot, 267.jpeg

Our Projects

We have a range of properties available for investment throughout Valencia that you can help bring to life. Check out a few below.

Churat i Sauri 3.jpeg

Chuirat y Sauri 


What we can offer you through your relationship with us.

Building Plans
Wooden Kitchen
Building Under Construction 3


It’s all in the details, from the initial conceptualisation to the final execution, every aspect of a project is carefully considered and refined.


Careful curation of properties to maximise liveability and functionality


Efficient. Reliable. Experienced.

Zero Level

Explore Zero Level here, subsidiary of ZL Propertake here:


Calle Ramon Asensio 5. Bajo izda.

46020 Valencia

+34 655 58 31 65

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